Cogesa Expats, Nationwide Insurances in Spain

At Cogesa Expats we are delighted to be a nationwide Spanish insurance broker helping expats feel safe in Spain. Our friendly and professional staff will do everything at hand to help you compare and decide the most convenient insurance for you to take out. Check here our full catalogue of…

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Health Insurance for Foreign Students in Spain

An Affordable Health Insurance as a Foreign Student in Spain Can Cover Your Needs

If you are planning to move to Spain as a foreign international student to enroll in an educational institution you may want to know more about health insurances aimed at you and the available policies and requirements. Although many European students will be covered by the Social Security System (Seguridad…

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Most Interesting Insurances for Expats in Spain

Basic Insurances Lead to a Safer Life in Spain

When moving to another country foreigners are interested in avoiding risks at all costs. Knowing what insurances you are required to take out by law and dealing with forms, official institutions and paperwork abroad and in another language can be a tedious endeavor. That is why contacting a multi-faceted Spanish…

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Why Taking Out a Dental Insurance While Living in Spain

A Dental Care Insurance in Spain is at an Advantage with Cogesa Expats

As an expat, taking out a dental insurance in Spain is a matter of saving money and having smooth and quick access to dental care professionals when in need without unending waiting lists. Reducing the risks of gum disease or tooth decay to improve your oral health doesn’t need to…

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Do You Need a Private Health Insurance in Spain?

Private Health Insurances Soar in Spain

Spain has both a private and a public healthcare system. The public system has worked well for years. However in the last 5 years more than one million new private health insurances have been taken out by Spaniards and foreigners living in the country. The reason? Cuts, Lines and Saturation…

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Private Health Insurance for Expats in Spain

Private Health Insurance for Expats in Spain to Feel as Safe as Home

As an expat in Spain with our private health insurance you need not wait for medical treatment. A wide network with multilingual professionals will take care of your health. Private health insurance in Spain offers you the freedom to choose doctors and hospitals, quick treatments and direct access to specialists….

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