Cogesa Expats, Nationwide Insurances in Spain

At Cogesa Expats we are delighted to be a nationwide Spanish insurance broker helping expats feel safe in Spain. Our friendly and professional staff will do everything at hand to help you compare and decide the most convenient insurance for you to take out. Check here our full catalogue of…

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Death Insurance for Foreigners in Spain

A Death and Repatriation Insurance Gives Your Family Peace of Mind

Being prepared, should the worst occur, gives you and your beloved ones some peace of mind to confront already difficult times. Having the right death insurance policy adds tranquility to stressful moments in the event of your own death. Death Insurance Price Calculator Why Having a Death Insurance These reasons…

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Get A Life Insurance for Your Family Financial Security

Your Life Insurance Can Be the Key Financial Security

The main purpose of a life insurance as an expat is to guarantee your family financial security. We offer a wide range of life insurances for residents in Spain that cover disability due to accident, serious illness and death. The premiums of a life insurance are dependent on age and…

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