Family Health Insurance Plans in Spain

If you are living in Spain or planning to move here and are already looking to take out a private health insurance plan to provide cover for your family we at Cogesa Expats, a renowned Spanish multifaceted insurance broker, would like to help you choose among the many different policies and options available in the market.

Family Insurance Plans Let You Cover All Your Family Members at Once

Family Insurance Plans Let You Cover All Your Family Members at Once

In Spain currently there is an ongoing silent privatization of the healthcare system where more and more families seek to take out a private health insurance to avoid a congested public health system. In 2019 figures published by the El Economista show that around 20.8% of the Spanish population has such an insurance while 8% has a dental insurance plan and the numbers keep increasing.

Many years of helping expatriates deal with health insurances in Spain allows us to take care of your needs while navigating the sometimes complicated world of insurances and policies. We also take care of circumventing the language barrier by communicating with you and providing all documents in English. By contacting us we will make sure that you get the right health insurance plan for your family avoiding unnecessary money traps in the process.

Keep reading to know more about what you should take into account when deciding about family health insurances for expats in Spain.

Usual Coverages for Family Health Insurances

These coverages are usually included when you take out your family insurance:

  • Primary healthcare and hospitalization: including general medicine, emergencies, nursery services.
  • Access to medical and surgical specialties: cardiology, dermatology, endocrinology, traumatology, gynaecology, ophthalmology, oncology, psychiatry etc.
  • Diagnostic tests, therapies and high tech therapies: clinical analysis and tests including antenatal care, MRI/CAT scans, ultrasound, x-rays, endoscopies, mammograms, smear tests, rehab, cancer treatment, radiotherapy, speech treatments.

Extra Services to Include in Your Insurance Plan

These are some extra services that could be included when signing a family insurance. Some plans may even have them included in their basic insurance policy.

  • psychology services: a predefined amount of psychology sessions
  • video consultations: available for general health questions without appointments
  • 24/7 emergency consultations: for medical assistance and emergency dental care via video
  • personal assistant for home tasks: where someone helps you doing home chords while you are sick for a maximum amount of hours
  • personal caregiver: who would help you take care of the elderly or the children while you are sick
  • medicine delivery: lets you get your prescribed medicines directly from the pharmacy without you leaving your home

There are many other extra things that can be added or might be already included in your insurance plan. Please get in touch with us to take a look at your current plan together.

Before Taking Out a Family Health Insurance

Below you will find some questions that you should be able to answer before taking out a family health insurance. By doing so you will avoid unnecessary payments or worries in the future.

  • Are dental treatments included in the family health insurance plan or are they charged separately?
  • Are there any other co-payments?
  • Is there any limitation regarding the healthcare professionals the family has access to? Can you freely choose your center and specialist?
  • Is COVID19 coverage included in your family healthcare plan?

Feeling overwhelmed? Don’t. Give us a call, send us an email or fill the form below and our professional insurance agents will help you answer these and other questions and decide which family insurance and policy options will help you take better care of your beloved ones.

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