Luxury Car Insurances in Spain. How to Get One?

Finding an insurance for your high-end vehicle can be challenging, especially as an expat in Spain where the requirements of insurance companies can be strict. The main goal of insurance companies is to minimize their risks, and that often translates into higher premiums for owners of luxury cars. Statistics show…

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Insurance For Young, Unexperienced Vehicle Drivers in Spain

At Cogesa Expats we sometimes are approached by expats who recently moved to Spain and are unable to insure a car or a motorcycle with Spanish insurance companies if they want the coverage to include their children driving the vehicle. Thus, many younger expats cannot buy their own car insurance…

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Cogesa Expats, Nationwide Insurances in Spain

At Cogesa Expats we are delighted to be a nationwide Spanish insurance broker helping expats feel safe in Spain. Our friendly and professional staff will do everything at hand to help you compare and decide the most convenient insurance for you to take out. Check here our full catalogue of…

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Most Interesting Insurances for Expats in Spain

Basic Insurances Lead to a Safer Life in Spain

When moving to another country foreigners are interested in avoiding risks at all costs. Knowing what insurances you are required to take out by law and dealing with forms, official institutions and paperwork abroad and in another language can be a tedious endeavor. That is why contacting a multi-faceted Spanish…

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Save Money as a Foreigner on Your Insurance in Spain

House Insurances in Spain are Cheaper for Expats

Did you know that you are entitled to a discount when taking out your insurances in Spain just for the sake of being a foreigner? Now you do! In 2018 there were over 53,000 real estate operations in Spain made by foreigners mostly from the United Kingdom but also from…

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Registering a Foreign Vehicle in Spain

Car with Foreign Licence Plates

Are you planning to move to Spain or already moved here? If you are a foreigner living in Spain for more than six months a year, you must register your vehicle with the Spanish authorities and change its licence plates to Spanish plates. In order to register a vehicle in…

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Safe Driving in Spain with a Good Car Insurance

A Mandatory Car Insurance Guarantees Safe Driving in Spain

At Cogesa Expats we help you find the best price for your car insurance in Spain. Make sure you sit fully insured behind the wheel! Aside from the compulsory liability coverage, you can choose from a wide range of coverages, varying from a basic liability cover to an all-risk coverage….

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