Most Interesting Insurances for Expats in Spain

When moving to another country foreigners are interested in avoiding risks at all costs. Knowing what insurances you are required to take out by law and dealing with forms, official institutions and paperwork abroad and in another language can be a tedious endeavor. That is why contacting a multi-faceted Spanish broker insurance company like Cogesa Expats can help you not to waste your time and money.

Which insurances should be a priority for you as an expat in Spain? Let’s look at some figures.

Basic Insurances Lead to a Safer Life in Spain

Basic Insurances Lead to a Safer Life in Spain

3 Basic Insurances for Foreigners

Most expats who have recently moved to Spain are looking for basic insurances of the following three types:

Over 60% of foreigners we help are in need of taking out a car insurance. Some of them have already lived in Spain for years and have an insurance but want to get a free quote to see if price can be better or service can be more effective. Are you also looking for a change? Let us know to see what we can do for you.

Second among the most requested insurances are health insurances. Roughly 30% of our clients feel the need to inquire about what a customized health insurance for them and their families would cost. The stress under which the Spanish Public Health System has been operating lately has contributed to an increased demand for health-related private insurances like general health insurances or dental insurances that are very helpful in mitigating the risks on otherwise non-covered dental treatments.

The third group of most requested insurances by foreigners in Spain are home insurances. Around 20% of the expats we help are looking for ways to protect their homes. Unfortunately robberies and home assaults increase steadily although Spain is not really a dangerous country. Many expats who live here or those who spend some months in the country and some months abroad in their home country have taken out home insurances to protect their belongings in any case. There is also the risk for some natural disasters taking place in Spain like recent floods in Alicante (Comunidad Valenciana), Murcia, Almería or past ones in Málaga, Barcelona and Costa Brava.

Contact Roberta or Nick at Cogesa Expats by email or phone and let them take care of your insurances policies for you. You can also fill the form below choosing the type of insurance you are interested in and they will contact you shortly.

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