Common Building Insurance a Protection for Tenants and Landlords

A Common Building Insurance Protect Owners Living in a Community

A common building insurance also known as block of flats insurance, joint building insurance or buildings insurance helps you protect your property from unexpected accidents resulting in large bills. The common building insurance answers for unforeseen damages in the common parts of the building. If you want to insurance the…

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Cogesa Expats, Nationwide Insurances in Spain

At Cogesa Expats we are delighted to be a nationwide Spanish insurance broker helping expats feel safe in Spain. Our friendly and professional staff will do everything at hand to help you compare and decide the most convenient insurance for you to take out. Check here our full catalogue of…

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Insuring Your Holiday Home in Spain

Holiday Home in Costa Brava, Spain

‘Should I insure my holiday home in Spain?’ That’s probably the most asked question among foreign home owners who are not living permanently in the country. This article deals with the benefits of insuring your apartment, house, cortijo, casa rural, beachside property or other real estate and what policy covers you…

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Most Interesting Insurances for Expats in Spain

Basic Insurances Lead to a Safer Life in Spain

When moving to another country foreigners are interested in avoiding risks at all costs. Knowing what insurances you are required to take out by law and dealing with forms, official institutions and paperwork abroad and in another language can be a tedious endeavor. That is why contacting a multi-faceted Spanish…

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Need of an Insurance for Electric Scooters and PMVs in Spain

Electric Scooters and Other PMVs Have Become Popular in the Streets

Electric scooters and other personal mobility vehicles (PMVs) like unicycles, segways or hoverboards are types of personal transporters and in the recent years have become part of the urban transportation landscape in medium and big cities like Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Sevilla, Zaragoza or Málaga among others. If you are living…

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Home Insurance Against Natural Disasters in Spain

A Home Insurance Protects You Against Natural Disasters in Spain

Should you get a home insurance against natural disasters in Spain? It is true that Spain does not face many natural catastrophes like other countries do but regular floods and cyclonic storms or small earthquakes are not uncommon depending on where you live. In Spain homeowners with a valid private…

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Burglary, Robbery and Home Insurances in Spain

A Great Insurance Means True Peace of Mind

At Cogesa Expats, a trusted home insurance broker in Spain, we don’t like to scare our potential customers into taking out a home insurance with us. However, being aware of crime trends in the country like burglaries, theft and robberies and acting accordingly might provide you and your family some…

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Save Money as a Foreigner on Your Insurance in Spain

House Insurances in Spain are Cheaper for Expats

Did you know that you are entitled to a discount when taking out your insurances in Spain just for the sake of being a foreigner? Now you do! In 2018 there were over 53,000 real estate operations in Spain made by foreigners mostly from the United Kingdom but also from…

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Expat in Spain? An Insurance to Feel Safe at Home

Get Your Home Insurance in Spain from a Reliable Brokerage

Get a home insurance in Spain and be covered against water damage, short circuit, fire, window damage or burglary. Indirectly a home insurance will also protect you against natural disasters and other extraordinary risks like flood, damages by severe weather, earthquakes among other. Besides all standard covers for damage you…

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