Cogesa Expats, Nationwide Insurances in Spain

At Cogesa Expats we are delighted to be a nationwide Spanish insurance broker helping expats feel safe in Spain. Our friendly and professional staff will do everything at hand to help you compare and decide the most convenient insurance for you to take out. Check here our full catalogue of…

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Take Out an Office Insurance to Protect Your Business in Spain

Office Insurances Cover Your Company Against Damages in Your Workplace

Whether you want to insure your building and its premises or the content taking out an office insurance will get your business and your company covered for a majority of damages and accidents. Furthermore, optional covers can extend your protection over other assets. According to a publication by Unespa in…

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Cheap Mobile Phone Insurances in Spain

Insure Your Mobile Phone to Be Protected Against Accidents

Taking out a mobile phone insurance for your smart phone (or similar device) does not mean paying a lot of money. In Spain you can insure your mobile phone for a relatively low cost and still be protected against robbery, unexpected damage or fraudulent calls. However it is important to…

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Insurances for Motorcycles, Scooters and Mopeds in Spain

Motorcycles, Scooters and Mopeds Require a Mandatory Insurance in Spain

Recent figures show that Spain has well over 3 million two-wheel vehicles among mopeds, scooters and motorcycles which make 10% of all vehicles in the country. And the number keeps increasing. Some cities like Madrid, Barcelona or Valencia fight traffic jams and congestions with a larger share of motorcycles in…

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Legal Insurance for Expats in Spain

A Legal Insurance Protects You in Legal Cases

A legal insurance also known as a legal protection insurance or legal expenses insurance can be as important to have as a private health insurance. That is by offering coverage and protection from legal problems and making available the right professionals for your legal issue. Among the most common legal…

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