Burglary, Robbery and Home Insurances in Spain

At Cogesa Expats, a trusted home insurance broker in Spain, we don’t like to scare our potential customers into taking out a home insurance with us. However, being aware of crime trends in the country like burglaries, theft and robberies and acting accordingly might provide you and your family some peace of mind when staying at home.

A Great Insurance Means True Peace of Mind

A Great Insurance Means True Peace of Mind

Burglary Statistics in Spain

Recently, a well-known Spanish newspaper published an article sharing some news which originated from the Ministry of Interior. The article states that despite Spain being one of the safest country in the world figures for crimes related to burglary with forced entry are still growing. In 2018 the number of burglaries increased in 2% up to 2,500 a day with 50% of them taking place in private properties. A shocking 70% of the burglaries with forced entry happen in daylight.

Understandingly people turn to security systems, safes and strongboxes to protect their most valuable belongings like jewelry, documents, family heirlooms, etc. and also to home insurances that can help them in case everything else fails.

Home Insurance Policies in Spain

In Spain you can insure your apartment, flat or house (if you are the owner) and your household effects to protect you from burglary, theft, robbery, water damage, fire, third party liability, etc. In case you are hiring you should check the contract which will state the insurance obligations for both the landlord and the tenant.

Whether you are planning to live here or have already moved contact us to get a quote with the best price for your insurances in Spain. You can also fill the form below and we will contact you soon.

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