Legal Insurance for Expats in Spain

A legal insurance also known as a legal protection insurance or legal expenses insurance can be as important to have as a private health insurance. That is by offering coverage and protection from legal problems and making available the right professionals for your legal issue. Among the most common legal matters you can face in Spain there are tax issues, marriage conflicts, civil issues like inheritances, consumer disputes, claims, problems in the neighborhood community, issues with online shopping, signing a contract, etc.

A Legal Insurance Protects You in Legal Cases

A Legal Insurance Protects You in Legal Cases

In Spain over 3.2 million people have taken out a legal insurance. Although this is a large figure it is still far away from the number of car insurances (25 million) and home insurances (19 million).

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Why Taking Out a Legal Protection Insurance

The number one reason to take out a legal insurance is to avoid dealing with court, judges and the legal system by yourself. Luckily enough legal matters ending in court are a minority however it is still a source of stress to engage with such procedures being ignorant of the matter.

Having a large sortiment of legal professionals like lawyers and others ready to help at a mininum price can ease your life. A legal insurance also covers the costs of a judicial, arbitration or administrative procedure against you.

Customised Legal Insurance

There are legal insurances for each matter and group. These insurances can be hired by families, individuals, drivers, businesses, freelancers and even owners and communities of neighbors. Hiring legal protection insurance allows you to be protected from situations where you need to claim damages or have the advice of a lawyer when your rights are violated.

There is no incompatibility in the hiring of more than one legal insurance.

Basic Coverages for a Legal Protection Insurance

When taking out a legal insurance you should check the basic coverages included in the policy:

  • Criminal defense: legal, judicial and extrajudicial assistance, as well as the payment of expenses for the criminal defense procedure for faults.
  • Damage claim: legal, judicial and extrajudicial assistance, as well as the payment of expenses for legal protection for claims of damages caused by a third party to your personal property or pets.
  • Consumer defense: protection against damage including personal property or pets, for breach of contract by doctors, hospitals, veterinarians, travel agencies or online purchases, among others.
  • Legal protection as a tenant: defense and claim in the legal procedures as a lessee of the home.

Extended Coverages

Other coverages that might be added to your legal protection insurance plan include the following:

  • Buying and selling houses
  • Refinancing, consumer/creditor problems
  • Tax questions
  • Adoption
  • Single parent legal issues and questions
  • Help with contracts and legal documents
  • Preparing legal documents or letters
  • Protecting your rights as a tenant
  • Preparing a will or living will
  • Estate planning
  • Home improvement or contractor issues
  • Consumer protection
  • Traffic tickets

Choosing your Legal Insurance Policy

At Cogesa Expats we can help you choose the right legal insurance policy that meet your needs. Instead of going through a lot of services to determine which services each plan covers and what is best for you, contact us here or fill the form below and we’ll get in touch as soon as possible.

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