Need of an Insurance for Electric Scooters and PMVs in Spain

Electric scooters and other personal mobility vehicles (PMVs) like unicycles, segways or hoverboards are types of personal transporters and in the recent years have become part of the urban transportation landscape in medium and big cities like Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Sevilla, Zaragoza or Málaga among others.

If you are living in Spain you might wonder whether you need an insurance for your electric scooter (or similar) and what the current PMV legislation is.

Electric Scooters and Other PMVs Have Become Popular in the Streets

Electric Scooters and Other PMVs Have Become Popular in the Streets

PMV Legislation in Spain

In 2018 there were 273 accidents in Spain involving PMVs which caused 5 deaths. Estimates for 2019 lie around 15-17 casualties due to the increase in number and usage of electric scooters, electric skateboards and hoverboards, new rental services and a lack of proper regulation.

The Spanish national traffic directorate (DGT) started recently drafting a Royal decree-law to regulate the use of personal mobility vehicles. Until the draft is approved there are some instructions available dating from 2016 characterizing the tipology and usage of PMVs.

According to these general instructions:

  • personal mobility vehicles must generally drive along the road
  • where it is allowed by local authorities PMVs may be used on the sidewalk or on special lanes, pedestrian areas and parks as authorities rule
  • no driving license is needed but local authorities may enforce a local license or permit
  • an insurance is not mandatory unless per requirement of a local authority for usage on public roads
  • some PMVs and bikes with more than two wheels dedicated to tourism activities must obtain a permit from local authorities

Some Spanish cities have their own regulations which restrict the general instructions and may include a minimum age for the driver (15 in Madrid, 16 in Barcelona), the use of earphones and headphones (not allowed in Madrid) or the need for a bell and reflectives (a must in Madrid) and wearing a helmet.

Located in Eastern Spain, Alicante is one of the leading cities regarding regulation ahead of the expected Royal decree-law. PMV owners in Alicante:

  • cannot drive on the sidewalk except for toy models
  • must wear a helmet
  • need to take out a mandatory civil liability insurance
  • cannot have PMV exceeding 30 km/h

Insurance Coverage for Electric Scooters and PMVs

Owners of electric scooters and other kind of PMVs may take out an insurance to be covered in case of accident and third party damages. As stated before, currently the insurance may be mandatory depending on the place of residence. Once the Royal decree-law is finished it will most likely be mandatory everywhere in Spain.

Insurance companies have reacted to this new kind of vehicles and several companies offer coverage within their home insurance plans either by paying a higher premium or including the coverage if the vehicle complies with relevant limitations on weight and max speed.

If as an expat you are interested in taking out an insurance for your electric scooter, an electric skateboard, a hoverboard or any other kind of PMV in Spain contact us at Cogesa Expats and we will take a detailed look at your needs. You can also fill the form below and we will get in touch as soon as possible.

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