Do You Need a Private Health Insurance in Spain?

Spain has both a private and a public healthcare system. The public system has worked well for years. However in the last 5 years more than one million new private health insurances have been taken out by Spaniards and foreigners living in the country.

The reason?

Private Health Insurances Soar in Spain

Private Health Insurances Soar in Spain

Cuts, Lines and Saturation of the Spanish Public Healthcare

Cuts in the Spanish public healthcare system starting in 2012 following the economic crisis from previous years have led to a deterioration of the quality of the service which grants access to healthcare for those contributing to the Spanish social security system and their families as well as retirees from EU countries. Saturation, bad experiences when dealing with medical procedures and visits to the doctor and longer waiting lists for all kind of conditions have been the line in the sand for many who finally decided to take out a private health insurance.

Renowned Spanish newspaper El País upon data from a report by the National Institute for Statistics (INE) states that 1 in every 5 households in Spain has a private health insurance which in 2017 amounted to approximately 11.5 million people.

Benefits of a Private Health Insurance

Waiting for months or in some cases even years for a medical examination with a specialist or a medical test could mean unnecessarily risking your life or the life of your loved ones. With a private health insurance not only is quicker to get a medical appointment with sought-after specialists like gynecologists or ophtalmologists but also there are more choices to make from a great number of professionals.

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