Registering a Foreign Vehicle in Spain

Are you planning to move to Spain or already moved here? If you are a foreigner living in Spain for more than six months a year, you must register your vehicle with the Spanish authorities and change its licence plates to Spanish plates.

Car with Foreign Licence Plates

Car with Foreign Licence Plates

In order to register a vehicle in Spain you need to contact the Spanish Traffic Authority known as Dirección General de Tráfico or DGT. The cost of changing registration plates will depend on the horsepower and model of your vehicle. You will need some documents:

  • a certificate of conformity
  • a proof of having passed a technical inspection
  • your passport
  • and the invoice for the purchase including any taxes payable

Insurance for Foreign Vehicles in Spain

In Spain you can take out an insurance for your vehicle driving on foreign plates but only for a maximum of three months.

Insurance with Spanish Plates

Once your Spanish licence plates are ready contact us to get a quote and save 60% on your car insurance as an expat in Spain. Or you can fill the form below and discover how much you would pay for your vehicle.

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