Cheap Mobile Phone Insurances in Spain

Taking out a mobile phone insurance for your smart phone (or similar device) does not mean paying a lot of money. In Spain you can insure your mobile phone for a relatively low cost and still be protected against robbery, unexpected damage or fraudulent calls. However it is important to understand what is covered by your phone insurance policy and what not.

Did you know that your phone insurance in Spain might even be included in your home insurance? And that you as a foreigner are entitled to discount in your insurances? Check your specific details contacting us. We also provide cheap private health insurances and car insurances among many others.

Insure Your Mobile Phone to Be Protected Against Accidents

Insure Your Mobile Phone to Be Protected Against Accidents

Why Taking Out a Mobile Phone Insurance

According to the Spanish TV station Antena 3, every two minutes someone is robbed of his phone during the summer in Spain. Figures in other seasons are lower but, relatively high, nonetheless. Add to these robberies the figures about cracked screens, phones dropped into water or other liquids and other accidental damages and the thought of having a mobile phone insurance covering your already expensive smart phone sounds even more appealing.

Regardless of the phone carrier you choose (Movistar, Vodafone, Yoigo, Másmovil or any other) you can add an external mobile phone insurance to protect your device.

How to Choose an Insurance for Your Cell Phone

When deciding among different insurances for your cell phone there are some things you need to take into account. This lists below features some of them and the questions you should have in mind.

  • territorial coverage: are you only covered in Spain or also when traveling abroad?
  • excess: are there any excess costs that you must pay in case of damage?
  • accidental loss: is it covered? Will you get money to cover the cost of the phone?
  • theft or robbery: is theft included? And robbery from a vehicle while being concealed? Are you covered even when your IMEI / SIM is not blocked? Is there an annual limit on robbery claims? Do you get the same phone or a similar one?
  • substitution phone: do you get a substitution phone while yours is not available?
  • fraudulent calls: can you claim a compensation for the possible fraudulent activities since your phone was stolen? Is there a maximum amount for this compensation?
  • damages: are water damage or liquid spill, overvoltage and a cracked screen included or do you need to opt-in to some of these coverages? Is there a limit on claims per year?
  • pick up service: is there a pick up and delivery service available?
  • other: do you need to show proof of purchase? Does it matter how old your device is at the time of insuring?

There are many other tailored options that can be opted in when choosing a phone insurance. Moreover often times what is covered by a standard phone insurance policy and a full cover or opt-in cover policy will depend on the provider. That is why we at Cogesa Expats as experienced insurance brokers in Spain want to facilitate your choosing.

Take a look again at the options above and decide which ones you would like to have and contact us to help you choose a phone insurance provider that meets your requirements. You can also fill the form below and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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