Personal Accident Insurance, Be Protected From Unseen Risks

Let’s face it, you are new in Spain and want to make the most of your stay here. Welcome! That could mean living calmly enjoying a sip of sangria while savouring some tapas in a terrace of your chosen city but also taking part into frenzy adventures leading you to our gorgeous montains, wonderful beaches and incredible countryside destinations.

How could you be sure to avoid the associated risks? Well, we all are exposed to risks in our daily life. A traffic accident while walking to your locally-hyped bar, a slippery street on your way home from work or a hiking accident could happen to anyone.

A Personal Accident Insurance Protects You From Unexpected Risks

A Personal Accident Insurance Protects You From Unexpected Risks

Home and Traffic Accidents Occur Often

An estimated of 23 home accidents occur in Spain every hour which include slipping out of the shower, falling down the stairs and similar domestic incidents. Regarding traffic accidents a 2018 report from Unespa shows 699 traffic accidents per hour and figures for 2016 reported more than 350,000 injured in a year of which over 1,100 or 3 per day died.

With a unexpensive personal accident insurance you can be covered economically in the event of suffering a home or traffic accident. Even if you own a car insurance it might be worth to be covered by a personal accident insurance and guarantee a financial protection for your family in case the worst happen.

Sports in Need of an Insurance

“Hiking as a risk sport?” you might think. Yes, according to a 2016 report from FEDME (Spanish Mountaineering and Climbing Federation) hiking, trail running and rock climbing are the sports that caused more accidents in that year. 46% of all personal accidents in the mountain were related to hiking. Some other figures show that 65% of all accidents happened to men and 9% to kids.

Other risky sports that required people to be rescued by the Spanish official emergency services are mountain biking, canyoning, mountaineering, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing and caving among others. And often the injured have to pay for the costs of the deployment of rescue teams.

Benefits of a Personal Accident Insurance

The first obvious benefit of taking out a personal accident insurance is that its policy grants you coverage in case of any physical injury, demise, loss or deformity due to a violent, visible and dangerous accident. Other than that, in the tragical case of death of the insured their dependents are also covered against financial obligations.

Types of Coverages in a Personal Accident Insurance

Most insurance companies offer coverages in different areas like medical coverage, disability or physical loss of a member or the body.

  • Medical coverage: the insurance company pays the insured up to the amount covered in case of medical intervention and hospitalization, prosthetic implants, psychological help, ambulance transfers
  • Disability: in case of an accident where the insured becomes partially or totally disabled the insurance company pays the beneficiaries periodically as a coverage for the loss of income.
  • Physical loss: the insured receives money from the insurance company in the event of losing a previously-established body member or a sense like the sense of sight or hearing.

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