Insurances for Yachts & Recreational Vessels in Spain

Spain has earned a reputation for being a maritime country. Each year many visitors stream in to visit the land and enjoy its sandy beaches and pristine waters. Sea lovers do so by enjoying life on board a yacht, a smaller boat or any other kind of recreational vessel.

The 7880 km of Spanish coastline and incredible weather conditions attract boat and yacht owners from around the world. Did you know that Spain is the second country in the world where more second-hand yachts are sold?

Sailing with your Yacht in Spain? Get Help with Your Insurance

Sailing with your Yacht in Spain? Get Help with Your Insurance

Although there are some locations in Comunidad Valenciana, Balearic Islands – the heart of yacht charters in Spain – Andalucía and Cataluña where major ports like Marina Ibiza with 530 berths, Marina Port Vell in Barcelona, Puerto Banús in Málaga, Marina de Dènia in Alicante or Club de Mar in Mallorca can be crowded and cost more they are still attracting a lot of yachts and vessels every year.

Before the season is about to begin it is time to check that everything is ok with your yacht. Having the right yacht insurance policy at the right price and with needed coverages can help you avoid costly incidents both while berthing and mooring and out in the sea.

Basic Yacht Insurance Coverages

Yacht insurances can be very detailed and include many extras and covers. The idea is finding an insurance for your yacht that will match the value of your craft, your level of sailing experience and your mooring arrangements. You should consider if your current yacht insurance policy is offering:

  • Spanish or English conditions
  • third party liability and the amount covered because yacht accidents can be pretty expensive due to the nature of the vessels involved
  • personal accident cover
  • cover for the crew
  • salvage and wreck costs covered
  • lending the yacht to friends
  • cover for failure of machinery
  • hull insurance during winter storage
  • benefits for mooring on a marina or storing your yacht ashore
  • and many others …

As you probably already know there are infinite details to take care of when taking out a yacht insurance. That is why we at Cogesa Expats as expert insurance brokers can help you find your tailored yacht insurance to be ready before next season starts. Check out our professionalism and customer care by contacting us here or fill the form below and we will get in touch with you in short.

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